Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Great Material in Times of Solitude

I've been in and out of blogging for 3 months now.  There were nights that I'd like to stay up late just to write or wake up in the middle of the night when my little boy is sound asleep, but both do not materialize most of the time. Usually, I was so spent before Seraphim hit the sack or I was just enjoying the slumberland beside my little boy to be up and about.

There were so many great materials that run inside my head.  Unfortunately, they are all just there---inside my head. Once again, I had to give myself a lot of pep talk to inspire my fingers to type it away. Everytime I went blogtripping, I get excited as I see all those gorgeous pages of other bloggers but when I am about to apply it on my own page I went blank. Maybe I am procrastinating or just plain lazy.  So there, I just said it. I am a lazy writer.  If only my laptop could translate all my thoughts into writings maybe then I've filled up all my daily posts. I know that I am not obliged to, but I have to practice my groove. 

Okay let's see.  I will try to at least sum up some of my supposed "great materials" over the month that haven't made it on time.

A View from Buon Giorno's Veranda at Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas
     It was a week before our supposed event and I was just passing my time before the meeting starts.  I was staring as the trees swayed back and forth  by a gusting breeze.  It's like the trees were having a blast with all the wind caressing them.  As I stare, I felt the presence of the divine creator.  I told myself, how in the world could someone asked or should I say questioned the Lord's presence when it's just right in front of everyone? Even my being there at that point in time to witness the simplest form of His almighty presence is in itself divine.
     I am Little Ms.Analysis.  My past time would be looking at one thing and analyzing the existence of such. But this particular scenario escaped my analytic brain and I just took time to be thankful for where I am at the moment and what I am right now. The feeling was so overwhelming that in an instance I was tongue-tied on the beauty of His creation.  
     There were a lot of descriptions I could think of that moment but the one that always stands out would be the word divine.  This view could have been for all, if only they open their heart's mind and willingly engulfed all the splendor there is. Somehow at that point I felt how life is bigger than it is. The scene was simple but the presence was moving. In my heart I know I want my faith to stay that way until my last breath.

Let's just save this for now... Until next.