Monday, August 13, 2012

Avoiding Disappointments

Have you seen my title? Funny, isn't it? For the most difficult thing to avoid in this world is DISAPPOINTMENT.  The more we tried to "expect the worst" and "hope for the best" (cliche, cliche and more cliche!) almost always the other way happens. You wake up in the morning exerting your effort to be your BEST self.  However, your worst keep peeking off your sleeves. Uncontainable! Then there will be a lot of quotes to change your mind set.  So easy to to be positive when you're at it but snaps back into reality once "inspirational" quotes left your sight.

Whoever says we are required to be nice and understanding all the time? Proper decorum does?  But what the hell is decorum? My definition - masked term for hypocrisy.  Arrgggh! Here goes my mind again. I keep on jumping from one thought to another? Why? Because I'm disappointed.  With what? With people who do not want to learn.  With people whom you silently wish could read between the lines but COULDN'T!  Then, to avoid more delusional "POSITIVE" thoughts, you just ignore the fact that they really ARE NOT INTERESTED. I know this could be incoherent or worst, NONSENSE.  But I'll blow off my steam anyway.  Before I'll blow someone else head. 

MORAL OF THE's okay to be negative sometimes to be able to see the light.  Positive mindset can somehow lead to major disappointment because you're painting your own reality. Might as well EXPECT THE WORST... and nothing else.